We are a group of people who are deeply unhappy with the history of sexual harassment and bullying at UNiDAYS.

This site and accompanying social media accounts were set up by victims of sexual harassment and bullying at student discount site UNiDAYS.

UNiDAYS CEO Josh Rathour has subjected a number of women to unwanted sexual attention, forcibly attempting to engage sexually with staff and has indulged in shouting fits and bullying that has reduced staff to tears. Numerous ex employees have told us how they have had to have counselling and/or taken anti-depressants in order to help them try to overcome these experiences.

These women went to HR, they raised complaints, they wanted this behaviour to stop. However, they were met with a cover up scheme. They were told to leave, they were paid off, they were forced to sign ‘gagging orders’ so they could not publicly speak out about the terrible behaviour they had been subjected to.

A petition was set up with Organise (a campaigning platform that exposed the wrongdoings at Ted Baker, among others). This petition now has over 4,000 signatures (that’s more than led to the CEO of Ted Baker standing down). If you haven’t done so already, please add your own.

The petition was noticed, and news stories were published by the BBC, the Times, and the Daily Mail (among others).

Although UNiDAYS denied the claims, they released a statement saying they would launch an investigation ‘to establish the facts’.

More than 50 people gave independent testimony to legal firm Hill Dickinson, who were commissioned to write a report into the work place culture at UNiDAYS. Neither we, or any of the victims, have been able to read the report. However we have been leaked some transcripts. We’ve published them here, unedited and in their original format.

Many journalists and newspapers have tried to publish follow-up stories, however they’re met with legal threats and letters from a ‘crisis management professional’ who claims our testimonies are not true (they are).

We don’t want UNiDAYS to fail, there are lots of good people there who deserve to keep their jobs. We do want the culture to be exposed and for the CEO, Josh Rathour, to step down.

You may ask why we are continuing with this fight. The answer is simple. This is a company who make money from marketing to students, run by a man who abuses young women. This is not acceptable. We cannot sit back ignore this. We will not be silenced.

This site contains testimonies from genuine employees.

Can you help? Whether you are an employee, a student member, a brand or a supplier, please add your voice. Please speak to us.

If you want to share a story about how you were (or are) being treated at UNiDAYS please get in touch with us.

Please note our emails have been shut down in the past, but we’re always on social media at www.twitter.com/fightunidays and www.facebook.com/fightworkplaceharassment