A new testimony

Until recently we had transcripts of four hearings which were supposedly investigating the systemic abuse, bullying and harassment that is prevalent at UNiDAYS. UNiDAYS have claimed that these transcripts are fake. They are not. We ask – who would fake such a thing? How is there so much detail?

Since we published the transcripts another very brave former employee has got in touch with us, willing to share her story. She’s given us her transcript – with her notes on it pointing out things that are incorrect, or have been omitted.

She gave this story to Hill Dickinson (who ran the supposed ‘independent enquiry’ into harassment) as well. There are many more similar stories. It was a typical incident that happened to many women. She was forced to leave and sign an NDA not to talk about what had happened, a process that happened again and again with other young women.

This was a horrible and distressing time. We applaud her bravery for coming forward and telling her story. Today she says: “I am in a better place now. If what happened to me is the worst thing that happened – well, it was really upsetting for me, but Josh hasn’t raped anyone, he’s just a dick. But if anything worse *has* happened, and my story helps to get vindication for them, then I am happy to help. After it happened, I was in quite serious shock, quite unwell because of distress.”

You can read her full story here.

We think it’s a disgrace that these women have not been listened to. These are serious allegations of misconduct, by a man running a company aimed at students. UNiDAYS needs a complete change of the senior management team.