We have been leaked emails that prove UNiDAYS lied when they told the press, employees and brands that transcripts of hearings of widespread sexual impropriety at the company were false and a hoax.

Here you can see for yourself internal emails from Situl Bains, UNiDAYS in-house lawyer and brother of the chief culprit chief exec Josh Rathour, and Matt Atkinson, chairman of UNiDAYS and on the board of so called ethical brand the Coop, sending him the transcript.

And another one from her to UNiDAYS crisis management consultant Adam Fresco and, astonishingly, Geraldine Ryan, lead lawyer for Hill Dickinson, who was in the room when the interviews took place, and whom she described as incredibly “helpful” also confirming that these transcripts were part of the wider report. And to Adam Fresco, UNiDAYS crisis management and PR consultant. It is clear that these talk to both these hearings and the wider report, based on interviews with up to 60 employees.

It’s time to take a stand!!!