Testimony from a male employee

Recently a male ex employee approached us wanting to share details of how he was treated while he was working for UNiDAYS.

This man worked in the HR department. He’s chosen not to share his name, but he’s also written a very damning review on Glassdoor.co.uk.

“The personal worst run in I had with him was when he called me into his office for a quick “progress update” on a piece of recruitment we were doing.

“This turned into him completely ambushing me – shouting at me, basically telling me how to do my job (a job he has zero experience in) and gave me a grilling on the spot. Told me to list off the top 5 things about working at UNiDAYS, nonsense like that. It was genuinely traumatic.

“I also had a conversation with Situl Bains where she said “it’s good that we have HR presence in London now because they can keep an eye on people and make sure they’re working” …that’s not what HR does.

“He’s a bully to everyone, both men and women.”