Shocking new evidence – this cannot be ignored!

UNiDAYS CEO Josh Rathour made a junior employee pregnant – bullied her into having a termination – and then ignored her until she left the company

They said the transcripts of hearings revealing this despicable behaviour were fake – now we have indisputable proof that they were knowingly lying, and various senior executives and consultants employed by Rathour who put earnings before ethics were part of the conspiracy.

Nearly a year ago, we were leaked transcripts of hearings into sexual misconduct from the very top – CEO and founder Josh Rathour, multi-millionaire misogynist mogul – that we published. We published these on our blog and leaked these to various journalists. Each journalist received communications from Adam Fresco, their so-called “crisis management professional” whose LinkedIn profile boasts of pimping out his “Fleet Street” experience “Working closely with senior journalists to get stories in while keeping others out.” Funny notion of journalism. These journalists also received letters from Taylor Wessing (UNiDAYS lawyers) and Hill Dickinson who presided over the pusillanimous whitewash report hailed by Matt Atkinson, UNiDAYS chairman (who boasts of leading “a diverse team” and is on the board of so-called ethical brand – “It’s What We Do” – the Co-op) as having cleared UNiDAYS of “systemic” [sic] abuse warning them these transcripts were a hoax. Despite the fact that then Hill Dickinson employee Geraldine Ryan was present at these hearings and knew which skeletons were hidden in which closets. 

Note: the following texts have been pasted directly here on legal advice since we understand that code in the originals could reveal the identity of the brave individuals who forwarded them to us. We have not changed a single character apart from blocking out the real name of Witness B, although we know her identity…

21 January 2019
(She described the senior executive who bullied her into having an abortion as having worked in finance. We now know that it was, in fact, Josh Rathour and she was forced into lying to a hearing chaired by Geraldine Ryan of Hill Dickinson, Zoe Ogden, UNiDAYS head of human resources and the late Situl Bains, then UNiDAYS “legal counsel” – and sister of Josh Rathour”)

when I got there situl took me on a side a told me not to name josh.I mean she knew all this!I cant stop thinking and regretting the day I applied for that disgusting place. I will never forget the look on the “great tech genius” face when I told him I was pregnant- the immediate contained wrath


but hun can I call you this is too painful. let me call you

Witness B:

cant talk right now.

Witness B:

just having to relive the whole nightmare while having to lie to protect the guy this it’s too much it’s just too much.


I love you so much you are such a strong woman! and an amazing friend call me as soon as you can!Please!I love you

21:34 22 January 2021
Josh Rathour:

Adam I NEED you to arrange with Situl a way to make sure that this person in the report that herself and Geraldine produced a while back don’t come out to the press. THIS is exactly what we pay you for. Now that this part of the report has filtered, it could be very damaging not only to the company but for me on a personal level.

Adam Fresco:

Hey! Do not worry my friend! I’m already in contact with both Situl and Geraldine. I’ll get in contact with this girl Axxxxx. I’ll let you know everything when we meet.

So now we have it. We are aware of numerous scared young women who bravely spoke to journalists but the newspapers were cowed into watering down their stories, leaving them feeling exposed and let down.

Now the chickens have come home to roost and we can prove that they are all a bunch of liars and the transcripts are absolutely authentic. They open with a young female marketing executive who had the temerity to wear a pair of short pants to work. When she arrived to work on a midweek day, Rathour walked up to her and said, “Those pants look awful on you – would you like me to take them off for you”, laughing hilariously as he walked away.

Other testimony from another female employee reports how it was standard behaviour for Rathour to put his arms around the waists of young female employees while he spoke to them. This sort of behaviour alone caused the demise of Ted Baker founder Ray Kelvin. What Rathour has done is infinitely worse!

We published a tweet by a 17-year-old student who Rathour lecherously harassed in a city centre bar and started a campaign of unwanted sexual attention, trying to put her on the payroll, suggesting he could visit her and book suites at a city centre hotel where she was living.

We have one employee prepared to speak out on the record and numerous who have spoken on condition of anonymity.

And now we have the above exchanges proving the conspiracy of lies at the heart of this vile company.

This man has become a multimillionaire with a business that targets Generation Z to sell YOUR brands for a commission. They cannot now say that everything is fake since it has all come from a multiplicity of sources.

He has made his fortune targeting especially young women from the very demographic he has always lecherously sexually harassed, bullied, then sacked with non-disclosure agreements to gag them.

It is time to say: ENOUGH! We put women’s rights and justice ahead of profits. The world is now watching to see what decision you will make. We urge you to sever ties with this man and his corrupt organisation. We speak of the senior executives in on the huge lie, not the good employees who will have known little of this.