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(From a former employee of UNiDAYS)Josh Rathour used to live with his partner of many years, and together they had four children. His partner would come along to UNiDAYS nights out and often used these occasions to reach out and ask for help.

She was clearly frightened, in an abusive relationship and under a lot of stress. She told us that Josh insisted that she take selfies of what she was wearing for him to say yes or no before getting permission to leave the house. She told us that on many occasions he hit her and trashed the house, pulling doors off hinges and the like.

In the final months of their relationship, Josh’s parents John and Sheila moved in.   Shelia especially is renowned for being controlling and abusive. 

One evening, Josh and his parents said to Kimberly, we think we know the problem in this relationship.  You are possessed by the devil (yes you read that right).  They said, the next day they were going to perform an exorcism and that would solve all their relationship problems.

So the domestic abuse and controlling behaviour had no impact?

Sure enough, the following day Sheila and John performed a medieval ritual on Kimberly, first surrounding her with chillis and chanting.  Following this, they took the chillis out to the garden and burnt them.

What makes this already insane story, even more insane, is that it was a work day.  So Josh Skyped in to watch the whole sick ritual play out.  

They are a very sick, twisted and mentally ill family. 

Its no surprise that on many occasions, while we were out, when Josh wasn’t looking, she would look to us pleadingly and mouth the word ‘help’.


We were leaked transcripts of physical hearings into widespread sexual impropriety at UNiDAYS. These formed part of a far wider report by Hill Dickinson, based on telephone interviews. One woman used a Subject Access Request (SAR) to see her testimony to Hill Dickinson. She complained she had been misrepresented and misquoted, and other parts of her testimony had not been included. So much for the complete and transparent inquiry promised by People Officer in Courtney Lynch in December 2019 – who mysteriously left UNiDAYS within a matter of weeks, handing over to Matt Atkinson, chairman of UNiDAYS and board director at “ethical” brand the Coop.

We shared these with numerous journalists at national newspapers. They reported to us that they were effectively gagged by Taylor Wessing (UNiDAYS corporate lawyers) and Hill Dickinson on the basis that the transcripts were a “hoax” and had been faked.

These two emails have now been leaked to us. One from Situl Baines, then in-house counsel for UNiDAYS and – in an extraordinary example of poor governance – brother of chief executive Josh Rathour, the subject of most of the complaints, to Matt Atkinson.

And another one from her to UNiDAYS crisis management consultant Adam Fresco and, astonishingly, Geraldine Ryan, lead lawyer for Hill Dickinson, whom she described as incredibly “helpful” also confirming that these transcripts were part of the wider report.
Judge for yourselves…

From: <situl@myunidays>
Date: Thursday, 28 mar 2019 at 17:08
Subject: Hi Mat!
To: <msego54@gmail.com>

Mat: I’m attaching a file!
Please DO Not! share this with any one. 
Kind regards,


Situl Bains
VP, Emerging MarketsImage
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From Situl to Adam Fresco and Geraldine Ryan

From: <situl@myunidays.com>
Date: Thursday, 3 dec 2020 a las 18:32
Subject: Feedback
To: messagemedia@btinternet.comgeraldine.ryan@cms-cmno.com


Indeed, the part of the report that is circulating is part of a larger one.
Geraldine will be gettin in touch with you, although she is no longer working with us she will be of great help for you in managing this crisis.
I can’t thank you enough!
Kind regards!

Situl Bains
VP, Emerging MarketsImage
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UNiDAYS is the world’s leading Student Affinity Networ
We connect brands with 10M+ Gen Z students, worldwide
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A new testimony

Until recently we had transcripts of four hearings which were supposedly investigating the systemic abuse, bullying and harassment that is prevalent at UNiDAYS. UNiDAYS have claimed that these transcripts are fake. They are not. We ask – who would fake such a thing? How is there so much detail?

Since we published the transcripts another very brave former employee has got in touch with us, willing to share her story. She’s given us her transcript – with her notes on it pointing out things that are incorrect, or have been omitted.

She gave this story to Hill Dickinson (who ran the supposed ‘independent enquiry’ into harassment) as well. There are many more similar stories. It was a typical incident that happened to many women. She was forced to leave and sign an NDA not to talk about what had happened, a process that happened again and again with other young women.

This was a horrible and distressing time. We applaud her bravery for coming forward and telling her story. Today she says: “I am in a better place now. If what happened to me is the worst thing that happened – well, it was really upsetting for me, but Josh hasn’t raped anyone, he’s just a dick. But if anything worse *has* happened, and my story helps to get vindication for them, then I am happy to help. After it happened, I was in quite serious shock, quite unwell because of distress.”

You can read her full story here.

We think it’s a disgrace that these women have not been listened to. These are serious allegations of misconduct, by a man running a company aimed at students. UNiDAYS needs a complete change of the senior management team.


The Stories

Sexual harassment | Bullying | Misogyny | Domestic Abuse | Students | Inappropriate Relationships | UNiDAYS Brands’ Hall of Shame

Please help us

We are an anxious group of people who have been badly let down by UNiDAYS and their lawyers. No one will hear us. Will you?

UNiDAYS launched in 2011. Josh Rathour set it up. He is a monster and a bully, and treats women specifically and people generally really badly. But more about that later.

More importantly, we got together to start a petition to call him out for his appalling, bullying, abusive behaviour.

The petition

Back in December, some of us started a petition with Organise(a campaigning platform that exposed the wrongdoings at Ted Baker, among others).

Our Chief People Officer, Courtney Lynch, wrote to us in an email sent to all staff. She said, “Please be assured there is no room for harassing, bullying or inappropriate behaviour within our professional environment… We are taking these allegations seriously and will be conducting an independent investigation.”

We trusted her.

But then she left mysteriously and suddenly on 12 February.

More than 50 of us gave independent testimony to Hill Dickinson, really believing they would be independent and look after us. But we should have known better. They were being paid by UNiDAYS.

Hill Dickinson dragged on and on with this report. Eventually, they delivered it in March. UNiDAYS chairman, Matt Atkinson, a board member of supposedly ethical company Co-op, told us that he would share the findings of the report and its recommendations at a company-wide meeting on Friday 1 March.

The meeting was cancelled.

Matt rebooked it for March 11.

Then Matt emailed us to say “At the session I will share the recommendations and action plan following the ‘independent review’. I want to make sure you can see the specific actions that we will be taking to ensure we have a very positive and open culture to enable the future success of UNiDAYS.”

He didn’t. At the meeting, he told us, with a straight face, the law firm had found “no evidence of *systemic* wrongdoing.” It was a complete joke. After what we had told them, and everything. Now we don’t even know what the Rathours have on us after Courtney told us we were protected and safe. She’s gone. We are nervous and feel exposed. We expected better from Matt, with his Co-op background. We were duped.

More bullshit. But given that Josh Rathour and his family own most of the company is anyone surprised?

On this site, we have put together some of the stories they didn’t want you to hear.  Stories that have been buried by expensive lawyers and PR companies. Stories we told to Hill Dickinson.

They are here for you to read.

If we are lying, they can ‘prove’ it by publishing the report. As they promised to. We demand it.

And we demand Josh steps down and there is a change of ownership.  

We don’t want the company to fail, there are lots of good people here and we deserve to keep our jobs.

But change won’t happen unless our brands demand it. Money talks with the Rathours.

We know that at least one world leading beauty brand has said they accept this bullshit reports crap that there was no wrong doing. But there was.

We were the victims.

Will you add your voice?