Sexual Harassment

The CEO of UNiDAYS has a long history of taking an unhealthy interest in young women. And in treating them inappropriately. Here are just a few incidents that happened to young women working for UNiDAYS. We are disgusted that the UNiDAYS management team have not taken responsibility for these events.

Person A

This person in her early 20s was out with UNiDAYS staff and Josh Rathour on a Friday night in Nottingham city centre. At the end of the night, a few people ended up in McDonalds. While Person A waited at the counter, Josh staggered up behind her with his bag of food. He pushed himself behind her and started thrusting his groin into her backside with the food in between. Person A was shocked but he laughed it off, saying it was just a bit of fun. She was so upset that she raised it with her line manger, one of the co-founders. Nothing happened.

Person B

This person, also in her early 20s, was out in a club in Nottingham. Josh was there and drunk. He became lecherous and crude. He attempted to kiss her. She forcibly pushed him off. She was incredibly distressed by this physical assault of a sexual nature. Some months later Person B was inexplicably ‘let go’ from UNiDAYS despite delivering great work.

Person C

While out in Nottingham, Josh made a really crude gesture to a person C putting his fingers in a V and putting his tongue between them to suggest cunnilingus. Person C was really annoyed and told him to fuck off. Later, he mocked her by coming up behind her and making the same obscene gesture. But she turned round and caught him in the act. She was really upset about this and left, where outside other women from the company consoled her because she was in floods of tears.

There are plenty of other stories and incidents. It is not unusual for young women in these situations to be given large sums of money and bullied into signing gagging clauses by UNiDAYS in-house counsel Situl Baines – who just to so happens to be a director of the company, a co-owner and Josh Rathour’s sister.

Somehow UNiDAYS managed to have some Glassdoor posts removed after some ex employees used the site to tell the world what was happening.